Tim Webb's Good Beer Guide Belgium, 6th edition, May 2009


Yes, its back! Fully updated, fully revised, and once again in full colour, the completely indispensable Good Beer Guide Belgium returns for its 6th edition, the first since 2005.

Just when you think it couldn't get any better, award winning author Tim Webb has once again weighed in with a brilliant new edition of the best Guide to Belgium's eclectic beer scene.

Regular readers will be familiar with the comprehensive brewery listings, sections featuring the best specialist beer cafes, notes on beer tourism, beer styles and the brewing process. In this new edition, however, there are a number of excellent tweaks to Tim's winning formula. There are now brewery ratings (rating 'how much fun the brewery's beers tend to be') as well as the famous beer ratings; there's a one line description of each brewery, and in the beer cafes section, French Flanders gets a look in for the first time, as part of a series of five 'West Flanders saunters'.

There are a number of interesting features by Tim, including one on Global beer makers, and guest features by a selection of the world's leading authorities on beer, including Steve Beaumont, Dan Shelton, Frank Boon, Carl Kins and Ron Pattinson.

On a sad note, Tim takes time to remember two of the great friends of the Guide, Michael Jackson and John White, who so tragically died within weeks of each other during summer 2007. They are appropriately remembered in a special tribute to absent friends.

As John would have said: 'Don't enter Belgium without' the new Guide. It really is all you need, and it really is that good. Get your copy now!

Copies are now available and can be ordered direct from Tim Webb.
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