Nacht van Grote Dorst
3/5/04 - This event was born of an attempt to help out a friend of the BBB whose family's restoration project of their traditional old lambic bar fell victim to a fire on Christmas Day 2003. It became a real Belgian beer standout, a festival whose sole focus was the promotion of lambic ale.
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Tasting of aged Rodenbach beers - 't Waagstuk, Antwerp
11/2/02 - Included an example from the 60s! There was loads of thread activity on this. This note describes many of the weekends activities, including the tasting.
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Fantome BBB Babillard
Produced by the Fantome brewery, Soy, Belgium. DanyP is a long time friend of the BBB, having not only brewed us 3 beers (all made available via export) but entertained many a travelling babbler at his brewery.
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Fantome BBB Babillard Dark
Shortly after the release of BBB Babillard came BBB Babillard Dark. Like it's lighter predessor, this beer ages very well.
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De Regenboog 't Smisje BBBourgondier
Another good friend of the BBB - Johan Brandt of De Regenboog - graced us with a wonderful, high gravity beer. As with the first BBBeer, the profile of this brew was determined by a board-wide vote. 't Smisje BBBourgondier is available in the US under a different label (same name).
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Fantome BBBrr
Brewed in 2004, BBBrr is the latest BBBeer. An example of a beer brewed to be consumed fairly fresh, but one which is continuing to develop well as the months go by.
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Fantome DarkWhite
Brewed in 2006, this beer was specially produced for auction to raise money for a very sick little French girl.
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A virtual event is one that happens in a chatroom. They feature honored guests and are conducted much like the Q&A portion of a lecture or a panel discussion. Those in attendance are offered a chance to ask questions relevant to the session topic. Over the past few years, we have been privileged to host several virtual events featuring some of the most highly respected beer writers. Here are the transcripts from two of the best events.
Brettanomyces Brewing E-Symposium
Symposium special guests: Nate Sampson, Al Buck
6/06 - Click here for session transcript

The Future of Brewing in Belgium: A Speculative Exploration
Conference special guests: Tim Webb, Stephen Beaumont
4/13/03 - Click here for session transcript

E-conference with Tim Webb
Conference special guest: Tim Webb
12/7/02 - Click here for session transcript

A few times a year we schedule unique events, babblers who brew are given a chance to sample their beers along with the efforts of others. A "theme" is selected - like trappist styles or saison - and we see who has homebrew to fit. We ship samples to each other, then decide on a time to "meet".

These meetings happen in our chatroom. We log in at a pre-arranged time then open the beers one at a time, offering comments as we go. The BBB is lucky enough to have a few professional brewers who can sometimes sit in on the sessions. All in all it offers a great learning experience and a really fun time!



Around Bruges in 80 Beers: 2nd Edition

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